We send our fish either by road, or air freight. This is determined by the necessity to get them to you within 24 hours maximum time from packing.

Road freight, through Fastway Couriers, fits in for customers between Sydney and Gladstone. Townsville and Cairns are 2 day road trips, so have to be air freighted.

Costs are – Sydney, Gladstone, Bundaberg $30/box. Sunshine Coast,  Toowoomba,  Gold Coast $15/box. Brisbane and surrounds $10/box.

Air Freight – via Virgin air – Sydney $60/box, Melbourne $75/box, Hobart $80/box, Adelaide $90/box, Orange $80/box (Toll), Canberra $65/box, Perth $140/box, Cairns $80/box, Townsville $75/box.

All are to be picked up at the Virgin premises of your airport. Polyboxes are charged at $7/box. GST applies to all charges.


Freight Subsidy.

We value your business, and so have instituted a freight subsidy, with a view to helping cover your costs. This is available to all of our customers ordering off this list, if they so choose. You will see on our price list some fish marked with F.S.  There are usually 4-5 varieties marked as such.  The value given next to F.S. will determine how many fish are given for free. Thus if your freight is $30, and the F.S. value is $5.00, you get 6 of those fish for free.

Please add your preference for the freight subsidised fish at the end of your order, to claim your freight subsidy. You will need to type it in to avoid it becoming part of your order. 


Further Information

Please try to have your orders in by Monday midday to avoid disappointment. Unlike other wholesalers, Fish Finatix sells farmed fish, and these need to be  heharvested from ponds, once orders are collated. I do not have fish waiting in tanks to go out, they are all either in ponds growing out, or need to be bought in from other local Australian producers.

Not one fish or plant on my list is imported. This is probably the biggest difference between Fish Finatix  and almost all other wholesalers. Everything is home grown Aussie production, which has always been a Fish Finatix core policy. Consequently, late orders either mean that the fish have to be harvested twice, (detrimental to most fish) or in some instances have already been brought in from another producer, and I cannot afford time wise to do the trip again.