About Us

I began tropical fish production at Amatikulu Hatchery , South Africa, in 1988. At its height, our farm production was 300 to 400,000 fish a month, exporting to a wide range of Northern Hemisphere countries. Fish finatix started at this stage as a personal side line supplying fish to the mother company. Later I moved to my own premises and business, and continued the company through to 2000, when I arrived in Australia.



In Australia, Fish Finatix began again in 2006, at one of its two present sites near Woodford, Qld. I began re-inventing Fish Finatix with an emphasis on catfish. There are a large variety of weird and wonderful species out there, all close to my heart. Most are very gentle and placid in the communal tank, and there is a very strong interest in them in the Australian market. Nowadays, we produce mostly angels, rams and whiptails there. In this year, 2016, we have updated the hatchery facilities, and are now about to widen the range of angel varieties, bringing back some rarely seen here before.

In the last two years, Anna and I have expanded the operation, by adding a second hatchery on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. Here we produce all of the more rare catfish on our list, including L – numbers. It is also here that we have expanded into ceramics, with a large kiln and studio as part of the new enterprise.



We respect the safe keeping of the bio diversity of Australia. In this regard we maintain our core policy of locally produced and grown product only. Not one item on our list is imported – or ever will be. We strive to carry a wide range of home bred and grown, fish and plants. Similarly, all of our ceramics are our own production. This sets us apart from all other wholesalers.

It is our intention to remain compact and focused. We will supply only top quality product at highly competitive prices and standards.